Being famous=Hard work

Ravishing, Multi talented Singer-songwriter, musician, actress is all about Katy Perry’s small list of assets. The pop sensation has given chartbusters like ‘I kissed a girl’, ‘hot & cold’ & more. Katy’s latest hit ‘The teenage dream’ is the news everywhere. “California gurls” her famous single from her album ‘The teenage dream’ has already debuted at first position on the billboard 200. Katy has broken the parameters & the so called norms with her very bold dressing eye catching looks. Her success story tells us not only about her sensuous looks & great sense of dressing but also most importantly is portrays her hard work.

Her hard work paid off when she got multi platinum certifications for ‘I kissed a girl’ & ‘hot & cold’. Her earlier album ‘one of the boys’ was the thirty third best selling album in 2008, & remember this was Katy’s first mainstream album. Katy has been very lucky in terms of her fan following, Katy has amazing connection with her fans worldwide. Katy Perry gives her audience best of her & guess what she gets in return…!!! Lots of love & of course fame, & big money!

The albums ‘I Kissed A Girl’ and ‘Hot n Cold’ had reached to platinum status for their digital sales having reached over three million.
Katy being a pop punk puts all her efforts at making good music & entertaining her fans with her naughty lyrics. “We drove to Cali & got drunk on the beach, got a motel & built a floor out of the sheets” (The teenage dream), “I kissed a girl I liked it the taste of her cherry chapstick, I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it” & more. Katy being immensely talented is a very realistic song writer. Her songs have a very simple yet catchy language.    Apparently Katy’s planning tours for her innumerable audience world across. Her UK tour begins this march & she will be touring around till the end of this month in UK itself then she has plans for her Scottish fans, Irish fans & more on. She is planning to tour the land of the rising sun to meet her Japanese fans & Asian fans.

About Katy Perry : Katy Perry is always in a news for her glamourous image and fabulous performance. Katy Perry’s fabulous pop songs and her unbeatable stage presence set her aside from many other modern day pop stars.

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