Peter Kay DVDS sell like hot pancakes

When Peter Kay DVDS are out on the shelf for sale, people make sure they get their copy before it becomes a sell-out. Such is the admiration the English comedian has in the hearts of the people that he has ended up with a massive fan following not just in the United Kingdom but worldwide. The ‘That Peter Kay Thing’ star has never looked back post his rise to superstardom. For once, the much acclaimed stand up comedian didn’t have a fairytale life to start with. This is for he did several menial jobs in his early days which included working in a toilet roll factory and a Bingo Hall among others. His luck began shinning big time while at a competition in Manchester where he performed much to having the crowd in splits. It was here that he would also end up meeting the competition host Dave Spikey who would go on to become a dear friend and also co-star and co-write Phoenix Nights with Peter Kay.

The DVD of Peter Kay show the circuit was released on 2004 to great critical and commercial success. The brilliant sales of these Peter Kay DVDS however did not quite come as a surprise what with the man’s increasing list of diehard fans. He has been bang on target with his TV shows, right from That Peter Kay Thing, Phoenix Nights to Max & Paddy’s Road to Nowhere. Even his two autobiographical books, The Sound of Laughter and Saturday Night Peter respectively, did great. The catchphrase ”Ave it!” became much popular after Kay appeared in the John Smith’s beer commercial. This is in spite of the fact that he is a total teetotaller himself. The Best of Peter Kay DVDs are much sought after even to this day. In the mean while, the official website has neatly listed the schedule as well as the availability of his show tickets. The website is seeing a lot of traffic headed for it even as people strive to grab hold of their own set of Peter Kay Tickets.

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